PIV Electrical Services was started in 2011 by Anthony Hunt who, from a young age showed a great interest in electronics. When he left school he joined a large defence company where he built up a world of knowledge and understanding as well as maintaining electrical systems.

PIV Electrical Services pride themselves on their knowledge and service, which is second to none, We offer domestic installation, repairs and testing as well as Portable Appliance and Microwave Testing.

What Does PIV Stand For?

Our PIV acronym is similar to the more recognised Ohm's Law triangle which is made up from 3 mathematical formulae and shows the relationship between voltage, resistance and current typically in a DC circuit.

DC power is used in nearly all electronic systems, whereas AC power is the form of which electrical power is sent to your home and office.

Electrical Power and Mechanical Power

Are both represented by the letter P in mathematical equations.

Electrical Current

Is represented by the letter I.


The potential difference or voltage is represented as the letter V.